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Our guests can't get enough of our original chicken. Hand-battered and made in small batches all day long, this crunchy, juicy chicken may actually change your life. We're not saying it's the reason you'll get up in the morning, but every day you have this chicken is a great day.


Our spicy chicken marinates all night long. And it could make you cry. Maybe it's because you didn't think chicken could taste this amazing. Or because all that spice is like a swift kick to the tear ducts. Either way, get ready to experience layers and layers of incredibly spicy flavour in each bite.


Our tenders are huge pieces of chicken strips that are hand-battered just like our bone-in chicken. They're juicy, crunchy and big enough for the biggest appetite. Order them in spicy or original.


A fiesta of tastes and textures! Our juicy, crispy chicken breast meat topped with cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato and chopped onions. Then we turn it up with crunchy tortilla chips and a kick of spicy mayo in between two sesame seed buns. It's an experience for the senses!

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We take the fresh, crunchy and zesty Mexican flavour and add our chicken tenders, then wrap it all up in a fluffy tortilla that's toasted to perfection. This delicious fiesta is ready to go!

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tex mexicana wrap takeaways auckland
Tex Wrap
tender wrap takeaways chicken
Tender Wrap



We don't serve 160 million buns every year because people like them. We serve that many because people are head-over-heels in love with them. These things are made from scratch in small batches all day long, and drizzled with honey butter the second they come out of the oven. They don't just "sell like hotcakes." They sell like our honey-butter buns, which is faster.


Before you even get to the potatoes, let's talk about silky, savoury, rich gravy. OK, now that we've done that, imagine it poured over a generous portion of smooth, whipped, delicious mashed potatoes. Now get in your car and get down here.


We fry things. It's what we do. So of course we have the best fries. Straight cut and crisp, they're the perfect accompaniment to our chicken. But they're good enough to have all by themselves.


Some people order it because it's creamy, tangy and delicious. Others order it because it's the perfect way to cool down your mouth after taking a bite of our spicy chicken.



Our fresh baked Honey-Butter Bun, cool and creamy ice-cream with your choice of heavenly toppings: fresh strawberries or indulgent chocolate!
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ice cream texas chicken nz
Ice Cream Cone

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