A juicy, crispy chicken patty topped with mayo and fresh lettuce. What more is there to say? Love, served on soft toasted buns.


Our juicy chicken breast cooked to golden perfection, topped with fresh lettuce, tomato and mayo on a sesame seed bun. If you crave all things delicious, this crazy good burger is for you!


A fiesta of tastes and textures! Our juicy, crispy chicken breast topped with cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato and chopped onions. Then we turn it up with crunchy tortilla chips and a kick of spicy mayo in between two sesame seed buns. It's an experience for the senses!

Club burger

Bacon meets its new friend – Texas chicken. We bring you the ultimate burger pairing, bacon meets our crunchy Texas chicken fillet.  Topped with tomato, cheese, mayo, lettuce and served on a warm sesame seed bun.

Big Club burger

Our club burger just got a whole lot BIGGER. Double the crunchy chicken fillet and double the flavour served on a bed of lettuce, tomato, bacon and cheese for a BIGGER, JUICER and CRUNCHIER burger.

BBQ Club burger

The Club Burger just got juicier and tastier! Smoky BBQ sauce combined with bacon strips and the crunchy chicken fillet you love, what more could you ask for?

BBQ Big Club burger

Twice as much chicken and twice as much BBQ flavour, we bring you our BBQ BIG Club Burger. This big burger won’t leave bacon lovers hungry for long.

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